Top 12 Best Punjabi Comedy Movies Of All-Time

Punjabi music has attained new peaks in the 21st century, therefore why their movies are left behind? The Punjabi speaking North Indian film business has demonstrated again and again that so as to impress the crowds, you simply require a fantastic chunk of what they relate to. Punjabi filmmakers have obtained this most seriously with […]

Top 13 Best Hindi Masala Movies Of All-Time

Bollywood and masala films go hand in hand and there has not been some time in Indian film history in which the masala film genre went out of style. Especially in the 21st century, even as Bollywood took inspirations in the south Indian film industry, many masala film stones were created. Below is the listing […]

Top Hindi Dubbed Movies Of Dhanus

Dhanush produced his debut in Hindi movie industry with Aanand L Rai’s masterwork Raanjhanaa and left a powerful impression on Hindi movie lovers’ mind. He followed with Shamitabh, a not so fantastic sophomore effort. Following that, he’s disappeared from the screen, however, the market which Raanjhanaa made for him has many of his regional movies […]

Top 6 Best Pakistani Movies

These days, we’re discussing a few really amazing collection of Greatest Pakistani Movies . These pictures are a must watch for everybody. Each movie mentioned below is just one of its types and has amazing storylines and excellent celebrities. I am certain that you guys will love these pictures, but be certain to mention your […]

Top 7 Bollywood Movies on Hockey and Hockey Players

Hockey is a sport in which two teams play against each other with a hockey stick by trying to steer a ball or a puck into the opponent’s goal. The most gratifying thing in sport is that the end is obviously predictable. The area of baseball can also be filled with suspense, drama, comedy, and […]

How to start Filmmaking in zero budget

In such years independent movie makers want to create movies which are a lot more cost effectively due to the budgets are comparatively modest. Independent movies are getting excellent fame nowadays. Many seasoned and young directors & producers have attempted this idea to create movies worldwide. Let us discuss different methods and methods to execute […]

How To Start Carrier In Bollywood

We’re getting many E-mails, people constantly ask” that I wish to act in Bollywood films, the way to be a Bollywood celebrity”. All these are the fundamental things that you want to be a fantastic actor in Bollywood or any movie industry in India. There are numerous kids along with also the youth of today, […]

How ICE institute of creative excellence making a difference with their short-term courses?

What’s ICE institute of innovative excellence which makes a difference with their short-lived classes? Each year, a lot of pupils combine ICE to acquire schooling and superior dressing table in the Institution. The ICE is experienced in covering different areas of the Media and Entertainment Industry. Thus, what you choose from the ice? : What’s […]

All-Time Best 10 Bollywood Movies on Politics

Bollywood films are created on many genres like Hindi comedy Films, movies with social message etc, but the movies come into the limelight when they use controversial themes, such as politics. All-Time Best Bollywood Movies on Politics Aandhi (1975) Gandhi is a movie believed to be predicated on Indira Gandhi. The movie could not be […]